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  • Michael Moravek releases solo album Posted on 08 May 2017

    Debut album "In Transit (Is What We Are)" by singer/songwriter Michael Moravek will be out on Popup Records (Hamburg) and distributed by Soulfood on February 24, 2017. It features among others Chicagoan band The Great Crusades, Steve Wickham of the Waterboys and jazz musician Stephen Wright.

    Moravek’s timeless songs are deeply rooted in the tradition of folk music. His stories about searchers, the uprooted and the driven are like road movies or 4-minute-novels, wherin he covers his own traces. His autobiographic cross references blur and create true stories, songs like shivery daydreams with cold Chicago nights pouring out of them – which in fact is how they have been created.

    Out of 20 recordings Moravek chose 11 songs for In Transit (Is What We Are), most of them recorded in Chicago at Joyride Studio with Grammy winner Brian Leach. Aside of Moravek's touring band the album also features Chicagoan band The Great Crusades, jazz trumpet player Stephen Wright (Mary J. Blige, The Dixie Chicks) and The Waterboys' fiddler Steve Wickham.

    In Transit (Is What We Are) is Moravek's debut album. He has also released 5 albums with his band Planeausters and toured extensively in Gemany as well as having appearances in other European countries and in the USA.

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